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Breeam In-Use at the highest level


Breeam Used at the highest level in M1 centers

The M1 shopping center chain is highly rated by the Breeam In-Use certification system. Both M1 Poznań and M1 Kraków achieved the highest level in the Building Management category, which covers 3% of the rated facilities.


Breeam In-Use certification audits were conducted over a 4 month period at nine M1 Shopping Centers, all operated in Poland. As a result, the 2012 score was improved, raising the rating from "very good" to "excellent" in the Asset Rating category.

Verification in the Building Management category also reaped positive results for the M1 Commercial Centers. Seven of the nine buildings defended their scores established three years ago, maintaining the "excellent" level. Additionally, the two Centers, M1 Kraków and M1 Poznań, were rated as "outstanding", the highest possible rating available.

The first of the certificates - "Building Management", evaluates the quality of building management procedures for energy management, water, environmental factors, hygiene and cleanliness, safety and quality management.

The second certificate - "Asset Rating" focuses on the characteristics of the building. Estimates of energy infrastructure, water and sewage infrastructure, quality of the internal environment (including ventilation, temperature, lighting), waste management, pollution reduction, cycling facilities and ecology are also introduced.

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